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Talent is the most important element contributing to the progression of Hong Kong, and education is the key to nurturing talent. Vocational and Professional Education and Training (VPET) has all along been providing high-quality, flexible, and diversified study pathways with multiple entry and exit points for students with diverse aspirations and abilities. VPET emphasises application and practice, equip students with work skills for the future. The skill-based VPET programmes can enable students to develop their talent and realise their potentials, with a view to excelling in the new age.

Facing the wide range of articulation opportunities available, we emphasise the development of individual’s professional skills, while prioritising personal interests in the pursuit of future studies and career.

In our community, each industry plays a different yet complementary role, just like cogwheels that differ in size and speed, but each forms an indispensable part to sustaining the functioning of the community. Similarly, VPET plays a pivotal role in supporting our socio-economic development, and the significance of each and every professional skill to the community should not be underestimated. They are superpowers in their own right. We encourage more students to break free from the traditional stereotypes, and consider pursuing VPET as a preferred choice. Through VPET, students can explore their talent, develop their career, and contribute to the community.

Just like the five VPET Superheroes, they have drastically different interests and backgrounds, but are all making full use of their superpowers to protect us against threats and enhance our living standards. Why not have a look at the stories of each Superhero, and see if their experience can inspire you to “Own Your Stage”!