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VPET Superheroes

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Lift Hunter

全職𨋢人/Lift Hunter

Superpower: Future vision and sense of danger
Occupation: Lift Engineer

Lift Hunter has a pair of "future eyes" that enables her to predict the future and has a sharp sixth sense for danger. When she was still a kid, she had an elevator accident. Despite her superpower, she felt guilty for being unable to prevent the accident from happening. Thus, she aspired to become a lift engineer.

Having the professional skills in lift engineering, along with the superpower of predicting accidents, any major and minor problems related to lifts and escalators are firmly under her control. With the regular check-ups and maintenance by Lift Hunter, all accidents can definitely be avoided.

Tree Rider

樹心俠/Tree Rider

Superpower: Communication with trees and control the growth of trees
Occupation: Arborist

Despite being a shy and quiet introvert, Tree Rider is in fact an expert in communication! He has a sensitive heart and is able to detect the various conditions of trees, and even control their growth. Although we are living in a concrete jungle, there are numerous trees flourishing in our city. Trees are like humans, they grow, they age, they get sick, and they eventually die. They also need humans to listen to their voices and understand their body conditions. As an Arborist, Tree Rider caringly understands the needs of each tree. He helps them grow healthily and avoid the adverse impacts of natural disasters, ensuring the harmonious co-living between humans and trees.

Net Defender

護網師/Net Defender

Superpower: Creation of weapons with programming to defend the cyber world
Occupation: Information Security Specialist

In the cyber world, hackers lurk in the dark, ready to spread virus and hack computer systems to steal personal information. Fortunately, the strong and righteous Net Defender is here to protect our cyber world. She can forge various weapons to fight against all computer viruses, ensuring that all of us can enjoy the convenience of the internet.

The Game Changer

關卡者/The Game Changer

Superpower: Manipulation of space and creation of objects
Occupation: Game Designer

In this world, there is a cool Game Changer hidden. Be it in the reality or in the surreal space, everything can be created by his magical hands. Life is like a game. The ups and downs, opportunities and challenges, are like one game level after another, unpredictable and ever-changing. As a game designer responsible for creating the virtual world, can your creativity and imagination outperform the Game Changer?

Care Messenger

暖心使者/Care Messenger

Superpower: Synchronisation with others’ inner feelings and healing of negative emotions
Occupation: Personal Care Worker

Inside his strong masculine body, Care Messenger has a warm and caring heart as well as positive attitude. He is able to synchronise with others’ emotions. Grief, desolation, loneliness, panic, and fear can all be calmed by him. Because of his empathy towards others’ hardships and needs, Care Messenger decided to make use of his superpower and became a personal care worker, to take care of those in need and instil them with warmth and comfort.