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Steering Committee on Promotion of VPET and QF

Steering Committee on Promotion of Vocational and Professional Education and Training (VPET) and Qualifications Framework (QF)


The Government has all along been committed to providing multiple and flexible education pathways for young people with different aspirations and abilities through VPET.


Following a recommendation of the Task Force on Promotion of VPET in its review report submitted to the Government in January 2020, the Steering Committee has been established to strengthen co-ordination of the overall strategy to promote VPET and fostering closer industry partnership. To foster collaboration and create synergy between VPET promotion and the QF, the newly established Steering Committee will also take over the functions of the Steering Committee on QF Fund.


The Steering Committee will provide valuable advice to the Government on further promoting the development of VPET in Hong Kong through a more innovative and coordinated approach. The Term of Reference and membership list can be downloaded at the following links –


Term of Reference


List of Membership