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Task Force on Promotion of VPET

Task Force on Promotion of VPET in 2018


In the 2017 Policy Address, the Chief Executive has announced that the Government needs to carry out in-depth reviews on eight key areas of education under the principles of “Led by Professionals” and “Listening to Views Directly”. VPET is among one of the eight areas.


The Government has all along stressed the importance of VPET in sustaining social and economic development of Hong Kong. However, VPET is still not well understood by many students, parents and employers. In view of this, the Government established the Task Force on Promotion of VPET on 13 April 2018 to review and consider enhancements to the promotion of VPET in Hong Kong with a more targeted approach.


Members of the Task Force comprise representatives of schools, parents and employers, as well as community service and labour sectors. The Task Force completed its public consultation from May to July 2019, and submitted its review report to the Government on 23 January 2020.


Under the theme of "VPET for the Future", the review report reaffirms VPET's integral role in Hong Kong's education system to equip students with work skills for the future. The Task Force considers that the Government should strengthen and deepen collaboration with industries to provide more diversified and quality VPET programmes for young people, with a view to facilitating the parallel development of the VPET and academic education pathways. The review report put forth 18 recommendations focusing on four areas, namely (1) enhancing promotion in secondary education; (2) enhancing promotion in higher education; (3) developing vocational progression pathways; and (4) strengthening future promotion. 


The full review report, leaflet on key recommendations and list of recommendations can be downloaded at the following link –


Full Review Report

Leaflet on Key Recommendations

List of Recommendations


Task Force on Promotion of Vocational Education in 2014


The Government set up a Task Force on Promotion of Vocational Education (VET) in 2014 to raise the public awareness towards vocational education and recognition of its value. The Task Force proposed a three-pronged strategy with a total of 27 recommendations. The three-pronged strategy comprised (a) rebranding VET; (b) strengthening promotion; and (c) sustaining efforts. As announced in the 2016 Policy Address, the Government accepted all the recommendations with follow-up actions and measures implemented.


The Task Force’s report and its highlights issued in 2015 could be downloaded at the following links –


Full Report

Highlights of the Report